Lobbying, communication and political influence

Lobbying, communication and political influence

I firmly believe in the capacity that people have to be agents of change and improve the world.

Politics is the most effective instrument to guarantee lasting changes in our environment.

It is necessary to connect these two worlds in a more ethical and effective way.


I feel proud to participate in the training of the new generations of lobbyists from the university classrooms and to guide people in the exercise of power and politics so that they develop their leadership and communication.

Talking about "lobbying" is often awkward

The profession has a bad reputation and I think it will take us some time to re-verse the situation. However, lobbyists or public affairs professionals are nothing more than people who defend interests and influence public decision-making. I have been one of them and for some time I was lucky enough to par-ticipate in campaigns that have achieved development of a law that protects children from any type of violence or that education from 0 to 3 is free in public centers in some autonomous communities. These political decisions are the re-sult, among many other things, of processes of influence.

Participating in public life is the best antidote to the crisis of representative de-mocracy that we are experiencing. However, this participation requires knowing how the decision-making process works and is organized, as well as the design and development of a strategy. Count on me to guide you in this process.



Introduction to lobbying and public affairs:

Tailor-made training for companies, organizations or managers who want to start practicing public affairs.

Leadership and power:

Understanding the dimension of power inherent in leadership to transform it in a more sustainable and responsible way.

Argumentation and construction of the persuasive message:

Being able to argue is essential in dialogue with stakeholders.

Verbal and non-verbal communication for influence:

Know the principles of influence and learn to structure an intervention.

I have worked with

Coach and Agile Coach endorsed by the leading organizations in the profession

As a coach, I am accredited and endorsed by the International Coaching Federation and the Spanish Coaching Association. Regarding agile methodologies, I have the Scrum Master, Kanban and Agile Leadership certifications.

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